Hyvää Suomi – Part 2

Just got home from a wonderful weekend with my good old Friends from Munich. TUMi Munich decided to visit Finland. Thanks to Lota we were allowed to stay at one of the most amazing Mökkis I have seen so far. As allways I recorded everything and hope to give you some media impressions of my last two days very soon. Since I rode with the cheap finish train system to Tampere I also had the time to edit some older footage:

This weeks video Podcast is still covering a little behind. I finally reached day 3 of my trips in Finland. You all know Heta from the first edition of my little podcast – this time we actually visited her in Lämgelmäki (hope to have that spelled the right way ..) After her spending a week in my lovely little town of berlin about half a year ago, Manuel and me were invited to enter the urban city of Hetas family. Even though there were really not that many people around we still had a blast. Slowly we were realising what finish nature is all about and how great a quite day at the lake can be. If you want to do the same you are more than invited to rent one of their beautifull 6 cottages. One thing you will still miss is the awesomly good and plentifull food of Hetas mum – the amazing hospitality at her families place and the amazing family dinners were her really big family allways gathers. The days in Längelkmäki have been impressive because of the nature and all the stuff we were allowed to do but what really made it special were the people.

Special thanks to Heta and her whole family – enjoy the show and stay tuned for more to come soon!

2 Responses to “Hyvää Suomi – Part 2”

  1. Ich sags ja immer wieder:


    Danke für diesen wunderbar-Gute-Laune-stiftenden Movie Trip!
    Bis heut Abend on Skype…
    …Dein Schwesterlein


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