Water Skiing

Jag heter Max!

Today i took my first course in swedish ever – “Digitalfotografering och bildbehandling” was great and i even unerstood only half of it .. The little that i did not understand was translated by my finish german friend Basti. All in all i am happy that i took this course and enjoy to be around normal students without any exchange background. I was welcomed warmly and everybody seemed to be very understanding of my lack of german. Tack! Bra!

My picture of the day is actually a small series from the weekend. As i have allready written i went out to Tampere to visit the amazing Mökki of Lottas family. Funnily enough i was even allowed to go water skiing. Actually – i would have been allowed. I did not actually made it to really drive those damn skies .. I still enjoyed all the starts and had some great fun – i hope one can see that in the pictures!

Kiitos to IIna for being able to handle my camera while i was busy drowning with my skies!

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