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September 30, 2010

Black and White

Is not only what my pictures are more and more taken in these days but also what the moto of the business students union party was. With the help of Bene i also got my black suite in helsinki now and last night was the perfect time to put it out of the closet. A nice party on a wonderful ship in one of the harbors of helsinki – nice! Even though their have been a little less people dancing at first – the exchanges and their friends still made sure that the party started anyway. Thanks to my sister and nephew who made sure via Skype that i was dressed up correctly!

September 29, 2010

Uppgift 4

Just finished my 4th assignment for my Digital Photography class and thought i might share it with you. Since my russian/ finish/ swedish professor told us to use photoshop to create a collage their was a lot of room to play and even with the limited amount of pictures given to us i expect everyone of my classmates to have a totally different approach tomorrow morning in

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September 29, 2010

Jumping in ..

Who can tell me in which post communist, colorless, boring, run down and asolutely cheap and criminal country that picture was taken in? Just joking – we were all just blown away by the wonderful city of Talin. More infos in the Video Blog to come! Thanks to Bene who shot that wonderful picture.

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September 29, 2010

Seagull you fly ..

I’m still not in even half through all the pictures that were taken while Bene and Youssef visited me in Helsinki but today i found one great shot of a finish Seagul. The Picture was taken on the way back from the wonderful Island of Suomenlina. The ferry that is driving back and forth to that island does not only carry humans but is also allways followed by a bunch of angry seagulls. The lighting was kind of bad but still their was one shot were at

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September 27, 2010

It’s over!

The five Days of three crazy Germans running around in Helsinki have ended. Finally! In an epic run i managed to bring them to the airport yesterday and was not able to do anything overly productive all day. I have to admit that i rarely had that much fun in the past. Now their is a ton of memories and about 13GB of raw data awaiting my faithful editing. Unfortunately my teachers certainly do expect me to do the same with their assignments – so i do not know when this task will be finished. Praises again to Bene and Youssef for organizing the whole Weißwurst Evening – TLK for organizing such a great Sitz and all the friends who where never ever tired of partying and meeting new people with us together! You are great .. you are awesome! Next to this post you’ll find a photo picturing me and FreYa on Weißwurst evening last week..

September 24, 2010

Three crazy days

Bene and Youssef with the ice breakers

Three crazy days .. yes that is the essence of what has happened since bene and youssef decided to visit me in helsinki. i spare you the details but we managed it on every single night to be ridiculous and childish – boys will be boys and we shure won’t change that rule. their will be a complete hyvää suomi blog post

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September 23, 2010

Olen Eksynyt!

.. is a finish saying and means something like: “i am lost”. I was not lost but really amused when my finish teacher tried to teach us vowels last week. Since we are a international group some had more problems than others. To make sure that even the last one got it right she pulled out a very vivid picture .. Closing with that i wish you a happy vowel practice time!

September 23, 2010

Meine Jungs

Oh my goodness – the boys are in town and i am allready wasted after two days.. Being a tourist involves to have to join every party their is! A complete recall of all the stuff that hast happened will be posted sometime next week but as a preshot i want to publish a picture that was taken yesterday in Suomenlinna. Hope you are all safe and happy!

September 22, 2010

Weißwurst Wonderland

6.5kg of Weißwurst – 8 packages of sweet mudstard – 2 friends – everything imported to finland and enjoyed in the wonderful TLK corner – what a great day and evening!

September 20, 2010

Marion and Elisabeth’s Birthday

Today i just want to share two great pictures from the birthday party of last night. A lot of thanks to Kevin and Olga who stood modell for my experiments and thanks to the great mac labratory of arcada who let me use their adobe creative suite! Double click them for the full resolution!