Why can’t we have proper Foreign Ministers??

Last week i had the great opportunity of listening to the Foreign Minister of Finnland, Alexander Stubb. While german polticians still discuss the importance of education as a whole finland has been striving for one of the best lower education system in the world. A national politician coming to a small school of 2700 Students in order to kick of the acadamic year is much more than respect to all the staff and students.

But actually i want to put my emphasize on another fact.. Some of you might remember the shaming moment of my own german foreign minister not answering a question posed in english to a BBC Journalist. Quite a weird move for one of the worlds leading industrial countries.

Once you see that small film you might imagine what i felt when Alexander Stubb held his whole opening speech of the academic year in english. He did this in order to make a small portion of exchange students happy – i am still amazed. Not only did i feel extremely appreciated but moreover amazed that a national minister is taken by the fact that their are about 30 International Students in a room of about 500 people. Yes, he should be happy about that but i know that other industrial nations rather see a problem in foreigners than appreciating the opportunities they hold!

Hyvää Suomi! May you find your (the same) way in the future!

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