Hyvää Suomi – Part 3

Hy everyone – the new week has started an i decided to use my lunch break in order to get on with my little podcast Series. After Arriving in Helsinki (Podcast 1) and moving to Längelmäkki (Podcast 2) we finally managed to get to Tampere (the podcast you are watching right now!). Hetas Mum brought us all to Tampere and we had a blast with going to the tower and eating weird sausages (that actually tasted really nice!). In the afternoon we were able to meet Heli who brought us to her wonderfull Family. I want to take the chance to thank the Kangas Family for their warm welcome and for their big introduction to finish Alcohol 🙂 We had no headache the next morning but really enjoyed the intercultural drinks (that are sometimes not legal in germany – e.g. salmiakki ..)

Unforgetteable was also the party night. We went to a club with the former finish pop idol and were just enjoying the feminine sights of Finland. 3 German dudes sitting at the bar not able to believe how many blond girls their are in Finland. Our three day trip ended with a really hectic drive to the train station were we are thankful to helis sister who risked her live in order for us getting the train 🙂

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