Fun Fact of the day ..

Remember the times when the maximum file size on a computer was 4 GB (Fat 32)? Well at the beginning (10 years ago!) everybody laughed at that and never imagined we would ever hit that limit. But once HD Movies and Games came out in quality that was not inagineable either it dawned on us that something had to be changed. Well – change is coming!

The Maximum File size on the new industrie standard for PC is now 16TB. Please do not laugh about that because Apple took even bigger precautions to a new file size Problem. With the new Extended Jornaled Storage System they allow files up to Maximum Size of 8 Million Terrabytes.

Will we hit that limit and have to build something new on top of it? I am sure!

P.S.: Does anybody know the max file sizes for unix and solaris systems – could not find them ..


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