Hyvää Suomi – Part 4

in the proximity of Kuhmo

Finally I have finished the editing period of my first two weeks in Finland. Today your are invited to go on our Canoeing trip to the north of Finland. Next to the border of Russia and pretty far in the north, the temperatures and the density of living creatures dropped significantly. Fortunatelly enough the cell phone coverage had been extraordinary even in the national state park where we spend this amazing week. Their is actually not that much to add to thi weeks podcast except the obligatory thanks to all the people who helped us on that part of the trip:

  • Heta for organizing the whole thing (you can’t imagine just how difficult planning can get once you don’t know the language!)
  • the unknown hunter on the bus from Kajaani to Kuhmo who liked us so much, that he wanted to warn us of all the bears in the region ..
  • Urpo for being an awesome tourguide – Canoe rental place – Mökki owner – Patient against any german stupidity – all who want to do the same please contact his website! It is definetely worth it
  • Malena for organizing all the schedules of the finish train System and delivering them on the way back
  • Manuel – for putting up this one week (and especially all during the whole trip) up with me! Would have been only have the fun without a good friend.

Lets all have a good start in the next week! Peace and Happiness from the Finish Train System who is kind enough to let me post this blog from their amazing WLAN in the Pendolino train from Jyväskylä to Helsinki – but thats really a story for another blog post!

4 Comments to “Hyvää Suomi – Part 4”

  1. ganz schööön cool

  2. Fantastic to read this. It’s a wonderful, wonderful place. I wish I was there right now.

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