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September 17, 2010


For all of you who did not know: My picture of the day is bilangual and by now I am slowly but surly going crazy in this country!

The Land is called finland – My university is swedish – My elemantary school is finish but teaching every midget in german (yes, i am teaching their as well) – I am learning swedish since two weeks – learning finish since three days and i am still struggling with french. The finish

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September 17, 2010


Ever lost your new phone? Threw it in the water? – Lost it on the tram? – well obviously you do not love your gadgets all that much (can’t help you with that or your are just forgetfull – for the second type of person: help is on its way! If you attach the new bluetooth key chain of bluenio to your keychain your new little friend will allert you whenever you move to far away from your super duper smart phone. Loosing the bluettoth connection has been going on your nerves so far – now it is just saving your beloved mini Laptop. Smart idea? It sure is!

found on golem!