For all of you who did not know: My picture of the day is bilangual and by now I am slowly but surly going crazy in this country!

The Land is called finland – My university is swedish – My elemantary school is finish but teaching every midget in german (yes, i am teaching their as well) – I am learning swedish since two weeks – learning finish since three days and i am still struggling with french. The finish universities have to allow everybody to pass their exams in swedish but the swedish theatre has to translate nothing – Every law has to be translated, but not only to the first two official language but also to samish (yes, they even have a third language) – Their are swedish radiostations and TV stations. – Their are swedish student unions and the fins even a swedish partie – funnily enough they have no other objective but to preserve that language! ..

5 million people – three languages – an even bigger obsession with the rest of the worlds languages – amazing!

Hyvää Suomi!


3 Comments to “Bilangual”

  1. max, princess.. you forgot about Finlands fourth language: my dialect from pampas 😉
    At least Kiia thinks that my dialect counts as a different language ..
    It’s a pitty that you can’t understand my dialect, but maybe in a couple of months when you have learned more swedish you’ll be able to hear the big difference 🙂

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