City of Light

Inspired by some pics i saw on the web today i grabbed my camera and went to the lake next to the opera house here in Helsinki. Event though my day was kind of slowed down after dancing quite a lot last night i was feeling quite energetic during the session – hope you’ll enjoy the pictures. Thanks to Lightpainting for the inspiration!

Smile away

First try with just a couple of Circles

some long exposure stuff with a lake side view ..

yeah – i can write!

does anybody want to love me?

Winter s coming? Stop kidding me – Even the flowers are growing again – It really has to be Spring!

Ligh Stream


5 Comments to “City of Light”

  1. how did you get the light to look like that? what did you use, a lamp and long exposure-time? 😀
    I’m impressed! 🙂

    • well: i used a canon camera with a mac computer in the finish .. Just kidding: i set the camera to f 22; iso 200 and an exposure time of 15 sec. That way i had enough time to draw my stuff and the background still looks nice enough .. The light is just an LED headlamp that i bought for the canoeing trip .. all in all it worked quite nice – mabe i should give you some photo tutoring ?? 🙂

  2. oj max, du är en sån idiot! 😀
    men duktigt tagna foton måste jag säga! 🙂

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