O zapft is!

Just a couple of hours ago the mayor of munich opened up the Oktoberfest 2010. The next two weeks will be crazy and i am allready missing my old home. But help is on the way: with the new Okotberfest App for my iPod touch i can see live video footage of the greatest party in the world but, calcute my alcohol level and feel bavarian in Helsinki. I love the twentifirst century and i am praying that Apple will find some way to export beer to Finland using the internet in the near future – how hard can it be? Until that happy day arrives i want to urge all my friends from munich to drink a couple of pints more in the memory of me ..

One Comment to “O zapft is!”

  1. I will do my best on monday! Let’s see if I can remember to bring Weißwürste and Wodka to Finnland the next day..

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