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September 27, 2010

It’s over!

The five Days of three crazy Germans running around in Helsinki have ended. Finally! In an epic run i managed to bring them to the airport yesterday and was not able to do anything overly productive all day. I have to admit that i rarely had that much fun in the past. Now their is a ton of memories and about 13GB of raw data awaiting my faithful editing. Unfortunately my teachers certainly do expect me to do the same with their assignments – so i do not know when this task will be finished. Praises again to Bene and Youssef for organizing the whole Weißwurst Evening – TLK for organizing such a great Sitz and all the friends who where never ever tired of partying and meeting new people with us together! You are great .. you are awesome! Next to this post you’ll find a photo picturing me and FreYa on Weißwurst evening last week..