Malena Shooting

Last week i finished off with my first finish photshooting. After i was taken care of for about two month it was about time to give something back. In that spirit i agreed on arranging some photoshoot with my (swedish) finish tutor Malena. To be honest it was not really only a treat for malena but much more for myself. In the past year i started taking photo shoots for friends all around. Starting of with really unsecure feelings about what and what not to do i finally managed to do something worthwhile yesterday. In my good old moto that only about ten percent of the pictures i take on a shooting are any good i decided on about 30 worth showing to malena and a couple of them i want to present on my blog today. May you all have fun looking at them and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

8 Comments to “Malena Shooting”

  1. Thank you once again for the photos, i like them! 🙂

  2. maybe i should try to shoot portraitpics of you some day, how does that sound to you? haha, at least you looked more awake than me today! 😀 i hope that you had fun at the stable 🙂

    • scary – since i fear that i am supposed to shut up while you shoot me as well. can’t i complain a little at least? but actually i would like to try out this expirement .. 🙂

      Yes, i did have fun at the stable! Loads of it – but now i first have to do some homework before editing the pics .. Have fun getting your fiance out of his krapula :-)!

  3. great pics, but i really miss the baseball bat. what happened? you have to do that some other time!

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