The five faces of Manuel

During our entrepreneurship course at arcada we are asked to prepare a podcast episode about the topic: “Turn what customers talk into sales!”. Some of you faithfull readers of my blog know that i really can’t just fullfill one task as it is given to me – rather i will not be satisfied until i can play around a little more. Theirefor i talked manuel into a little photo project for the five main points of his part of the presentation. I set myself the task in a way that the main message is visible as clearly as possible and cared less about artistic details but a quick understanding of Manuels points by viewers of every cultural background. Thanks to:

  • Manuel who was really a blast to brainstorm with and our
  • Helpers (Ingrid, Juli, Matthias und Pascal). It was a quick and dirty shooting with a nice output – good job everybody!

Following you’ll find the pictures and its given Topic.

1. Listen to the right voice.

2. Be a patient listener.

3. Ask the right questions.

4. Draw the right conclusions.

5. Take action!

What are you thinking?

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