Hyvää Suomi – Part 5

It has been a long time since the last Hyvää Suomi Podcast. This was not because because life has slowed down here in the north and i had not anything to film but rather the opposite has happened. Life has been very pleasant to me and thus busy. Great things have happened and i opted to experience as much as i can, rather than sitting in front of a computer and editing past memories. Now that my swedish exam today has actually been passed quite well and i really did not want to start anything else tonight i decided to finally take on Hyvää Suomi – Part 5. This Part staring Youssef and Bene who were brave enough to visit me in the strange north of Europe. I warned them of the women, the alcohol prices and the rough party nights but they still decided to come. At least they adopted fairly quick and behaved like little boys after allmost no time. Their trip is divided into two podcast episodes (yes – we shot this much stuff) – and I am hapy to announce that their second podcast is allmost ready cut as well. Who do i have to thank for this podcast season? Lets see..

  • Bene and Youssef for being the best friends one crazy german could wish for
  • Bene and Youssef for carrying way more alcohol and german sausages to the north than anybody could handle (actually we did handle the load quite well .. :-))
  • Bene and Youssef for just partying and enjoying every minute they had up here
  • Scoog for offering us the TLK corner for the Weißwurst Event
  • All the german and austrian bavarians who really brought the traditional spirit to the weißwurst event
  • All the people involved in organizing the Gullis Sitz (Even though bavarians would never admit that their is something better than octoberfest, Bene and Youssef sweared to me that they quite enjoyed their time at the nordish interpretation of getting drunk and singing at the same time in a social environment)
  • Everybody who i hit while dancing on the hullis and did not kill me afterwards
  • Anton for be the best co dancer of them all
  • Did i forget somebody? Thank you for not taking it personal!

but now: Enjoy the show!

You want to read up on this trip? Try benes and my short summary.. and my other one 🙂


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