Hyvää Suomi – Part 6

After the long pause before the release of the last podcast the current one is following in a rapid succession. Today i’m happy to show you the second half of Benes and Youssefs crazy days in Suomi. Their is not much to say since the great pictures of todays video speak to themselves. If you want to read a little more about these five days (and if you are able or want to try to read german) i can really recommend the fantastic blog post of Bene. Leaves me to mention all the people to thank for this episode:

  • Bene and Youssef (see all the reasons in the last podcast :-))
  • Patrick for a great birthday party and way too much alcohol before we went to Tallinn ourselves
  • Everybody in our little travelling group who managed to get himself up with only two hours of sleep in order to get to Tallinn
  • Nick, Kevin and Arjan for making Tallinn sound so bad in their description (you can’t imagine the contrast between our expectations and what we found in Tallinn)
  • Manuel for telling us that the city was awesome
  • Jan and Julia for keeping up one whole day with the tripple chaos group from munich
  • Jan for organizing all our estonian money
  • Bene for providing me with this todays podcast music. Like it? Check them out here!

It sure was a great time and i can really recommend ou little trip to everybody else! Good night – have to get up early tomorrow morning to keep on working on the composite material sailing boat – but thats really a story for another blog post.

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