Opaque Buff

Today i want to publish yet again a piece created for my photograhie class. On Saturday I had the great pleasure of shooting a concert of Opaque Buff here in Helsinki. The assignment gave me a maximum of freedom so that i decided to shoot musicians.

Make a portrait of a person in his / her environment.
The environment will tell you and give the picture emotional depth, in other words make the more information-. (Think for example of how the scenes and other props in the theater works.)
Present (upload) six (! Vary widely!) Good versions, select one and explain in writing why you did you choose the image.
Do not make “artistic” image manipulation. You may and should correct the color balance and contrast. Support you at the movies we’ve seen.

Thanks to Basti I got the contact to the lead guitare player, Johannes, and fell in love with his excentric style. Of course their are ton of more pictures who are edited in the next days. Eventually I will show a small series of all pictures of that night. For a start you’ll get to see the assignment as handed in today. By the way: My favourite picture is the one heading this article.

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