Family Portrait

Actually the CD Cover was not my last assignment during my photography class. Uppgift Number 17 read something like that:

You should do a picture story with the theme “The Joys of family life”.
The size of the series is 5 … 8 frames. Color correction is allowed but no image manipulation or coal beds.
Remember to check questions (what, how, script …) before you prejudge the camera.

Once again I interpreted the assignment a little more loose than the teacher probably expected me to do, but on the other hand it was not easy to fullfill it without changing anything. I did not know any family living in Helsinki and even if I find one they would probably not feel as intimate as they should, while I would be jumping around with a humangous camera. After abolishing the idea of asking a gay couple or faking a family portrait with some close friends Manuel pointed me to the obvious: Just portrait Appartment 11!

His idea was simple but genius. The party appartment in our erasmus life IS a family. They were really passionate when it comes to fullfilling my crazy ideas. After some planning – bribing them with beer – and buying four kilogramms of flour, the crazy guys were nearly as happy about being children as i was happy with my great pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Since this will be my last blogpost about my photography class i want to take the time to thank Andrej Parland my great proffessor for allowing me to learn swedish, photoshop, lighting .. Long talks about photographie, phylosophie, finnland ..

Just Thanks for having a really mind refreshing time in your class! This ain’t over yet!


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