Näkemiin Suomi – Добро пожаловать в Россию

Good Bye Finland – Welcome Russia! Until next monday i will be in the territory of the eastern neigbours of my new home finland. Even though 90% of all my finish friends call me completely nutts for wanting to go to their old arche enemy i can’t wait to go to this never changing country. Oddly enough this trip is only the repetition of a holiday i spend with my parents about 8 years ago. Tonight I’ll board the ferry to St. Petersburg and arrive tuesday morning in the most european of all russian cities. Boarding a night train thursday night we’ll be arriving friday morning in the capital – Moscow. On Monday next week i should be back in Helsinki.

Oh by the way: Lets just hope that the predictions of my finish friends will not come true – They are convinced that by then i won’t be blogging about my trip but rather having ended up in the trunk of a russian mafia car .. We’ll see! Have a safe and wonderfull week everybody!


One Comment to “Näkemiin Suomi – Добро пожаловать в Россию”

  1. Take good care and enjoy Brüderchen!!!

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