Back for Good!

Yes its true – I’m back – I’m healthy – It feels very good to back in Finland – I’ve got 1504 Pictures and Videos to edit – I’m tired – I’m happy – I’ll keep you up to date once everything has calmed down here in the crazy north with its great inhabitants and culture – Finland, Russia and Erasmus could not be better!


6 Comments to “Back for Good!”

  1. glad to read this and waiting for russian details 🙂

  2. 1504 pictures, you’re crazy ! 😀 Russia Russia Russiaa 🙂

    • Yeah, i think you said something about me being crazy during the trip allready, but actually i am not as crazy as you are – it was definetely quite an experience to travel with this big group of ERASMUS people!

  3. auf welchen computern werden wir blosz alle unsere bilder zusammenlegen. bei uns sind es auch schon wieder ueber 100.
    haqb ein gutes wochenende, ich denke wir haben es auch

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