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November 6, 2010

Go Papa, Go!

Dear Dad,

today you fulfill a dream in your life. After running the berlin marathon last year you want to proof that you can run in the land of endless freedom. I am proud of your courage and strong will to conquer the New York Marathon. I hope to have that much energy left once i get older. I am sure you’ll manage the challenge you have set yourself and i am envious of all the great experiences you will take home with you. Take it easy and enjoy the time of your life!

Your son in Finland


November 6, 2010

Flo and Philipp in Helsinki

Since thursday i have to friends from munich here in helsinki. Flo and Philipp decided to end their two week north europe tour in Helsinki. Until monday we are trying our best to explore every corner of this little city. Today we visited the museum of modern art kiasma. Everybody thinking about going their should definetely do that. It’ definetely worth it and should make for a great afternoon. We all loved it and got lost in a maze of color and amazement.

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