Hyvää Suomi – Part 7

Actually (even though my finnish friends won’t like it) this podcast should be called Hyvää Venäjä. One week in Russia and i still have to process all the amazing experiences .. Crazy times – i think i should just start with the first three days and my trip to St. Petersburg.

Who to thank for in this Episode?

  • ESN Finland for offering this amazing trip!
  • All the crazy ERASMUS people who invaded Russia with me together – we really made sure that every place in this country was gonna be a party
  • Nancy for being such a great ESN represantative
  • Our great guides in St. Petersburg who made sure that we were allways safe and happy (Especially the safe part is important in this country :-))
  • Jan and Julia for letting me talk them into this trip – and just running around with me all the time
  • Teemo for showing me the best tea shops and explaining me a lot about the finish culture in russia
  • Jeanne – Marie for a very special first russian night
  • Coffee! – what would i have done without you!
  • Laura and Camille for being such great reporters and allmost never minding my nosiness with the camera

But – now lets just get going.

8 Responses to “Hyvää Suomi – Part 7”

  1. Um meine absolute Begeisterung auszudrücken fällt mir ungeniert nur eins ein: FUCKING AWESOME, DUDE! Vielen Dank, dass du diese unvergessliche Reise so beeindruckend festgehalten hast. “Moskau, Moskau, Russland ist ein schönes Land….”

  2. Ich wusste ja, dass du gut bist…aber dass du echt so gut bist…! Freu mich schon riesig auf die Fortsetzung!

  3. Max, privet! That`s really good movie. Good job.
    What about Moscow movie?


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