Whats up Suomi?

Lets start with the good news of this blog post: Nazis all over the world suck when it comes to spelling. In a way the graffiti i found on a s-bahn train in northern helsinki is typical. Finland still does not like to talk about the winter war and when it comes to immigration discussions they cite german former national Banker Thilo Sarrazin.

As a german i allways ask myself what non germans actually think when they draw symbols like that. Who are these individuals?

Do they want the “Wehrmacht” back as one fin told me a week ago in a queue to a club? Or are they really happy about how the germans behaved in Lappland in 1944? I have met way to many people who really thought that former Nazi Germany was a excellent thing. A country who has lost WWII on the side of Nazi Germany should have learned its lesson.

Don’t get me wrong: I stil love my new home but at times i would like to get more appreciation for the new germany and not what my grandfather messed up.

In the mean time – learn some sophisticated german spelling!


4 Comments to “Whats up Suomi?”

  1. i’m afraid the writing isn’t that bad ‘caus “hail” is the english version of “heil” … still its stupid to tag something like that!

    • for some reason its a very comical thought to picture these old nazis use english – but thanks for the remark – next time i’ll ask them if they maybe mean that..

  2. I am really surprised, but I have never met anyone who would have really thought that the former Nazi Germany would have been an excellent thing!

    • yes – in fact i think i should have made it clearer that i do not think every fin is like that! but for the last 4 weeks i had about every week an accounter with an idiot like that. The graphiti on the s-train stop was just the last thing that made me finally boil!

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