What a crazy week..

Wow – What a crazy week. I barely could keep up with everything that happened and completely broke down last night (staurday). So what happened?

– Working on the boat project in the morning
– Driving to tallinn in the afternoon
– meeting way too many crazy and cool new erasmus students
– over night travel to Stockholm

– Day in Stockholm
– Buying Pippi Långstrump and Emil i Lönneberga in a wonderful small bookshop (i actually also used swedish to buy them :-))
– reunion with my good old johannes from russia
– Drive back to Tallin

– amazing pan cakes and arjans special drink
– illegal street party with my new friend from belgium
– drive back to helsinki
– 2h of sleep
– Entering the bus to a tour in the north of finland with my composite class

– 26 hours of visit to the exceptional boat industrie of finland
Nautors Swan
Baltic Yachts
NCE (Nordpipe composite Engineering)
– and many more..

– Working on my composite Boat with Rene and Manuel
– Preparing for the annual ball
– Annual Ball with the Ministry of Immigration of Finland in the luxurious Crowne Plazas Royal Sal
– crazy after party in the wonderfull circus

– Sillis and breakfast with the whole party crew from the night before at Werket
– Sauna in the core house

.. Mental and Physical Break down!

Everybody who has been part of this amazing week belongs a big thank! Even though it has got way too much in the end i am really happy to have met you all – all over north europe. I will post about all of this later in more detail but for right now i have to get back to all my classes and home works and please my teachers a little more. In the mean time i try for my liver to recover and slow my life a little down next week – at least this is my plan 🙂

11 Comments to “What a crazy week..”

  1. Übertreibst mal nicht und komm heil zurück!

  2. Erasmus saying: Surprise your liver, drink water 😉

    • is glögg an alternative as well? i haven’t had it before .. maybe my liver will be surprised as well.. 🙂

      • Well, it depends what kind of glögg you’ll drink. If you chose the one with vodka, your liver might indeed get surprised. If you chose the one without alcohol, it will also be surprised, as you’re an Erasmus student.

  3. Great Post! Luckily my week was much much lighter than your´s.. At least the end of it. (hadn´t helped a lot -> result of sea battle was to be reeeally sick 😦 ) Hope you are recovering quite soon, there are more parties waiting for us 🙂

    • wie war deutschland? bist du schon wieder zurueck?

      • Nö, hab entschlossen, dass Gesundwerden am besten unter Mamas Obhut geht 🙂 Bleib noch bis Donnerstag in der Früh, dann geht´s zurück in den Schnee und zu euch (Hab heute extra neue Winterstiefel gekauft :D) Was machst du am Montag? Lust auf ein paar echt norddeutsche Pfannkuchen mit ein paar finnischen Freunden?

      • na aber – nichts lieber als das – sag mir bescheid, wenn du mehr weist ..

  4. Haha, ich weiß mehr ^^ Die Jungs und Mädels kommen alle um 19 Uhr zu mir, dann werden Pfannkuchen gebraten. Den Schnibbelkram mach ich vorher, dann braucht ihr euch net so anstrengen 😀 Bahnstation ist Kannelmäki, Handyummer und genaue Adresse (findste eh net!) schick ich dir per FB-Nachricht!

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