Glass Fiber Boat

Since a couple of weeks Manuel and me are part of the composite material course at our school. Our german proffessor at a swedish school in finland is not the usual type as of course is nothing is here in finland. You will not be surprised to find me building a boat since joining this course. Being less about formulas and theories our course tries to prevent engineers from constructing structures that can not be build in the end. The best way to teach is still by pain and thus we are building our boat for nearly 25 hours this week – lets just hope we’ll finish because afterwards new trouble is on the way: Our proffessor from germany wants to tell us how to calculate this weird structure 😦 Maybe physical pain in the workshop is really better than headaches from work in library?

Me in the boat trying to put on the stupid vacuum tape.

Manuel actually achieving a little more than me – but why does he look grumpy? Ah yeah right – I’m not working but destracting him with my camera 🙂

On the way to destroy my little tight vacuum tape in order to put some nice resin with hardener inside

Manuel cutting new fibers

Nice but mainly useless protection ..

I’m your father … chhh … cchhhh .. chhhh

Manuels sensitive hands 🙂


2 Comments to “Glass Fiber Boat”

  1. As always we did a good job. Let´s hope our proffessor thinks the same about our work.
    I love you honey.

  2. I’m just glad you guys are still alive…

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