Åbo – not only the culture capitol

Yes, i could not wait and had to get a sneak peak of what will be the european culture capitol of 2011: Åbo! Most of you will know it as Turku but since i went their with 2 swinish (swedish/ finish) friends in order to get to one of the biggest swedish finish events of the year i should use their native name as well. Riding their friday directly after school i was fortunate enough to visit a sitz (joint drinking, singing and get together with rules in an student atmosphere) in another city of finland. With completely different songs habits and the same overwelming joy i spend a couple of hours in a cellar of the law student union. Afterwards we went out in order to get Glögg (Glühwein for my german friends). Joined by about 1200 Students in a otherwise deserted side street we were more than joyful. I’m not sure if the whole thing was legal or even clean (Glögg on white snow :-)). Anyway we had the time of our life!

Next day Matthias showed me everything else of snowy and cold Turku – it’s food and the great student union of Åbo Akademie. It was a great half weekend – who to thank for?

  • Emmi for inviting me to the new home city of her brother and propably writing the best excuse for crashing a swinish student party ever – we really did represent Arcada well in the (little) village of Abo.
  • Matias for hosting a crazy german – god knows how weird that is. Thanks for presenting me with the best hangover breakfast ever!
  • Anna for finally forgiving me of ignoring turku so long
  • Abo!

Now – Enjoy the short Video!

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6 Comments to “Åbo – not only the culture capitol”

  1. That video was awesome, especially the slide thing 😀 Haha! It’s was nice to see you in Turku! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the good company Max! 😀 It was awesome having you with 🙂

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