Linnan Juhlat

As posted earlier today it is the highest national day of celebration in little finland. On this day fins do not only want to thank Lenin for giving them independence in 1917 (yes, that late!) but also their veterans in winter war (1939-1940) for keeping them from having to learn russian nowadays. Next to all of that it is just a nice way to be proud of one another in this small but brave country.

One of the cutest forms of this shake hand to oneself is “Linna Juhlat”. In this the president invites the 2000 most famous, sporty, musical, normal or just very finish people to her palace in the centre of Helsinki. This could be very unspectacular if not the whole thing would be covered life by two TV Stations (Finish + Swedish) for 6 Straight hours. 3 Hours of Handshakes between the president and all guests// 2 hour of dancing // another hour of Eating (yes, the film that too).

Unfortunately i was not invited to the palace (whyever that happened) and so i had to celebrate like every other fin and watch TV. Since my finish is still not really sophisticated i had a language and culture translator at hand in the person of my former language tandem partner from munich Heli. Kiitos for all the great explanations. Attached you’ll find some picture impressions..

The finish independence day cakes i bought at Stockman.

Me baking even more cakes before the ball begins..

Our wonderful christmas creations

Getting big..

Heli rescuing our creations.

Big Brother watching the beautiful and rich dancing.

Big Brother watching a proper foreign Minister – yes, please take it personal Guido ..

Big Brother watching a gay couple – great open minded Suomi 🙂

Heli checking out even more Background info for me.


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