.. is a very good description for how i feel right now. Sitting on the airport of Helsinki i am waiting for my flight to my old home Berlin. Being filled up with christmas feelings i wanted to share a little christmas card i received from one of my students. I teach german to a crazy bunch of finish first graders since september. Even though i still do not know what i am doing (i am a mechanical engineering student (!)) i have a blast – they seem not to run away – and the weirdest thing is that they even speak a bit german by now. Last week we had our little pikko joulu. To give you a picture: me throwing tons of german candy at them and they returned this with even more cards, drawings and finish candy to me – all in all a reason to feel happy about what i have achieved with these kids and to feel a bit more useful to my new home country of my finland.

don’t anybody correct that minor spelling mistake in the christmas card!

2 Comments to “Vorfreude..”

  1. Cool 🙂 Merry Xmas Max! See you soon!

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