Hyvää Suomi – Part 8

Moscow! It has been a long time since i published the first part of my russia trip to St. Petersburg but finally i managed to edit the Moscow part.

What happened that i did it? Well, first of all my exams were finished on monday and i had the opportunity to spend one night at the airport of Helsinki. Heavily armoured with my laptop and loads of motivation i took on the challenge.

As most of you are propably allready on the way to their home countries, I wish you all a wonderfull christmas time. Just see the following video as my present to all of you – you were part of this amazing travel – Thanks for making it special!

Who to thanks for in this Episode?

  • Nancy for being once again an awesome inofficial tour guide
  • Dima for being a very motivated official tour guide
  • Unknown russian (Vladimir?) for getting us last minute in the club
  • Karl for having one of the most awesome last nights – good thing we managed to get your problem fixed
  • Jan for talking me into getting to the Novodevichy convent
  • My elemantary school kids who had to see my directly after one week of russia and taking it slowly in that first lesson after the big travel – i would not have much resistance to their jokes this time (I taught them “Eisgekühlter Bommelunder that day” – very fitting after that week)
  • end everyone i forgot..

Enjoy the video!

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