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January 31, 2011

Enrico is my Heroe

.. or what else yould you say when your room mate is taking that much care in preparing a delicious and filling dinner for maria and me. Just found this picture and the short video from last week and remembered how great it is to dine with good friends!

January 30, 2011

Working as an Elementary School Teacher is ..

Hard– I am not kidding. Since October last year i work in an elemantary School in Vantaa. I have loads of fun and it sure is not for the payment that i go their every week and teach them my mother tongue german. Seeing a little progress every week for sure is nice but this week i just had to laugh my but off: my monsters decided to want to be artists. How good do you think have they got?

January 24, 2011

Jesufåglar and Jyväskylä the 2nd

Heta being tired after so much german activity!

Monday morning and i am still captured in a weekend mood. I did not go to University today but went as a substitute teacher for three hours (first grade, fourth grade and fifth grade) into “Laajavuoren Koulu”. If i could have ever guessed how much work teaching is i would have never been like that to my former teachers .. Well, i might not have been the easiest student on my teachers.

But i was actually talking about the weekend. I stayed over the past two days in the wonderful small city of Jyväskylä to breathe the refreshing, artistic and relaxing air of my friend Hetas place. Locked in with four girls and loads of strangers in a great 70s house was inspiring. In the wonderful house of theirs i felt just welcomed and relaxed. In the midst of preparing classes for monday (Heta had to translate my lecture :-)), singing and playing music nonstop the Jyväskylä based band Jesufåglar called me up for a spontaneus shooting. People who know me, propably allready guessed that i would never reject such an offer, and so i got the whole bunch out in the snow. Still holding strong to their coffees they pretended to be true finns and used up all their “Sisu” not to have to admit that they were quite cold. In the end everybody was happily warming up inside and i realized once again how much i love this new country of mine. Thanks to the bunch for so much crazy finnishness! See you somewhere, sometime else in this world!

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January 21, 2011

Milling exercise

Over the past days i had the opportunity to combine passion and proffession. It happens raraley enough, but i was asked to be creative in my natural field of engineering. It all started with my good friend Jan thinking like crazy without knowing anything of mechanical engineering. After i pulled him down from his high clouds of ideas we agreed on doing some stamps for a bigger project in the “Saksa Suomen” (German Finish) community. In the aftermath i propably only agreed on doing this because i did not know what i was getting into. Now i am stil in the midth of this whole project but the happy owner of 11 stamps of german cities (9 to go..). To share a little bit of the experience i want to present you some minor milestones of this little project which led to the video on the top.

First of all the idea of a stamp had to be put into G-Gode (a language that my CNC milling machine understands). Since i do not like this code for creative stuff like letters i decided to use Mastercam instead.

After i virtually checked all tool path in the Mastercam program i dropped of the program to my (actually Arcadas) CNC machine. I could not have done this without the help of Erland Nyroth. The head of the Arcada Workshop was essential in order to give me the ability and permission to use this damn expensive machine. Tack så mycket Erland! The tolling can be watched at the top of this Article.

After tooling the fun followed and i not only stamped everything black on my testing surfaces but also half of my clothing – well, being an engineer is really not safe after all.

Thanks to Jan for inspiration. Mathew and Erland for teaching, and Enrico for preparing food while i was busy on my project.

January 20, 2011

Discovery of the Day

Yeah – on 1.1.2011 Estonia joined the Euro Zone, and guess what i found today in my finish wallet.. Happy collecting time is coming up!

January 18, 2011

Séan Portrait

Actually this pic is not from today but from last week. Taken at one of the Erasmus opening parties it got a hold of me all last week. For whatever reason I really can’t let it go. My modell Séan is a new exchange student from Ireland and was totally fascinated with his Laptop while i got the chance of taking pictures hidden behind the screen.

Next to being an intriguing photo modell Séan is actually a great musician as well. Today he finished buying his portable music studio and i can’t wait for the first finish produced songs. Keep it up!

January 17, 2011


Oh wonderful: that is what happens when you are one weekend not in your appartment – who is the intruder? Whoever it is, the revenge will be cruel!

January 16, 2011

Turku 2011

As i have allready mentioned i am right now in Turku. Last nigth i was one of about 50.000 people watching the opening ceremony in -25°C. I have to admit that the ice age like temperatures kind of spoiled the experience but at least we were at the ceremony at all. Being a little to the back we had not too much to see since most of the stuff happened close to the ground. Still it was an impressive scenery and Turku really seemed to be a big urban city. Deeply frozen we went back to our shelter and watched the last part of the show on TV. Once the last fireworks came up i grabbed my camera and managed to get a nice shot after all. Now i am about to drive back to Helsinki and dipp into real life again after the busy time over the weekend – Thanks a lot to Jan, Ossian and Anna for an intensive weekend!

January 16, 2011

By the way ..

.. life is great! Wonderfull Conference – Tired as Hell!

January 15, 2011

Greets from Turku

Once again i have been going to Turku. This time not only for pure Erasmus pleasure but also for my part time work in the german communtiy of Finland. With around 55 german teachers from all over finland i spent some wonderful hours in the Naantali Spa. Unfortunatelly i have not seen too much of the wellness here, but i head a very intensive time anyway. Thanks to Jan and his great team we had a very nice conference. Oh and just a quick remark: Karhu Kolme smells much better on the sauna stove than this stupid champaign. But that is really another (censored) story :-). Attached you’ll find some pictures from this morning – Hyvää Suomi!