Turku 2011

As i have allready mentioned i am right now in Turku. Last nigth i was one of about 50.000 people watching the opening ceremony in -25°C. I have to admit that the ice age like temperatures kind of spoiled the experience but at least we were at the ceremony at all. Being a little to the back we had not too much to see since most of the stuff happened close to the ground. Still it was an impressive scenery and Turku really seemed to be a big urban city. Deeply frozen we went back to our shelter and watched the last part of the show on TV. Once the last fireworks came up i grabbed my camera and managed to get a nice shot after all. Now i am about to drive back to Helsinki and dipp into real life again after the busy time over the weekend – Thanks a lot to Jan, Ossian and Anna for an intensive weekend!

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