Milling exercise

Over the past days i had the opportunity to combine passion and proffession. It happens raraley enough, but i was asked to be creative in my natural field of engineering. It all started with my good friend Jan thinking like crazy without knowing anything of mechanical engineering. After i pulled him down from his high clouds of ideas we agreed on doing some stamps for a bigger project in the “Saksa Suomen” (German Finish) community. In the aftermath i propably only agreed on doing this because i did not know what i was getting into. Now i am stil in the midth of this whole project but the happy owner of 11 stamps of german cities (9 to go..). To share a little bit of the experience i want to present you some minor milestones of this little project which led to the video on the top.

First of all the idea of a stamp had to be put into G-Gode (a language that my CNC milling machine understands). Since i do not like this code for creative stuff like letters i decided to use Mastercam instead.

After i virtually checked all tool path in the Mastercam program i dropped of the program to my (actually Arcadas) CNC machine. I could not have done this without the help of Erland Nyroth. The head of the Arcada Workshop was essential in order to give me the ability and permission to use this damn expensive machine. Tack så mycket Erland! The tolling can be watched at the top of this Article.

After tooling the fun followed and i not only stamped everything black on my testing surfaces but also half of my clothing – well, being an engineer is really not safe after all.

Thanks to Jan for inspiration. Mathew and Erland for teaching, and Enrico for preparing food while i was busy on my project.

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