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February 27, 2011

Addict A Ball

What a the perfect adjectives for a birtday present? What about:

Fascinating// Must have// Catchy// Playfull// Colorfull// ..

And guess what – Katha has just found a gift with all of these adjectives (for me :-)). Last week i fetched some packages from the post office that were send to me for my birthday and one of them came with a small colorful surprise inside. Apparently Katha has payed close attention to me in her appartment back in december. And somewhere in my 4 hour lasting playing with her toy she decided to give me one for my birthday as well. I really can’t hug a person that is 2000 km away but i hope that she feels me jumping in the air out of pure joy 🙂 Thanks for the best friend and present in the world!

Thanks as well to one of the best room mates and modells in the world: Enrico!

February 25, 2011

Jojo in Helsinki

Majstranden in the cold Wintertime.

Since Wednesday i have once again the honour of hostig a german friend in my new home of germany. Johanna decided to come to me despite everything. Not the stories she heard not the cold weather or the flight prices could stop her to rescue me from the crazy student life of Finland. In fact it is freezing cold (-22°C) but Jojo prepared and now just has to struggle with the slippery roads. Attached you’ll find some impressions of the first days.

Feed the poor and cold.

Two Berlin Relution leaders in FInland – Fuck its cold! (on the way to Suomennlinna)Snow Angels.

Snow Angels.

Sunny but indead cold!

February 23, 2011

Skiing in Finland

So far i have been posting about nature loving, sport fanatic and SISU filled fins – apparently i have forgot an important bread: The drunk Fin! Cross Country Skiing the really finish way!

Discovered på Club Werket i Helsingfors.

February 21, 2011

Tack så mycket Milena!

A bit late, but not too late i have had the honour of giving Milena Moressi (Our international Coordinator at Arcada Nylands Svenska) a “Thank You Poster” of the Exchange Students of the WS 2010. Thanks to Olga and Freya who managed to put together this little poster Milena was really touched today and asked me to express her deep grattitude to all of you. We, as Exchange students want to thank Milena for an outstanding personal care that was unused to most of us. Unfortunatelly we are quite sure that this level of caring is not accessible in our home universities. Of course Arcada welcomed us with every member of its great staff and students but Milena was allways our first points to search for help.

Tack så mycket Milena. Vi hade en jette bar tid med dig!

The Erasmus Students of the WS 2010 at the Arcada Nylands Svenska

February 18, 2011


.. for all the great birthday congratulations, wishes and thoughts yesterday. Being in cold Finland i really appreciated all the warm messages, calls, texts, blog entries, packages, letters and videos that you have sent to me. Special thanks to the party crew that managed to destroy my appartment in just one night completely – Once you get older it is important to know that you do not get wiser a bit – See you all next year (wherever i’ll be by then ..)

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February 16, 2011

Teaching in Finland

Today i got a gift! I know its one day before my birthday but my elemantary school decided to satisfy my desire to play with big stuff one day early. I got a smartbord for my class!!!!!!

Immediately i hooked up my little 13″ Laptop to the 2m by 3m touch surface that is now attached were a blackboard has formerly been. Eager to play around with it i installed all necessary software and had fifteen minutes to play around with it before my first grade found out where i was preparing lecture for them. Once in class i happily wrote, turned, scaled and played with the “Bremer Stadtmusikanten”. I think my children are still shocked by all the technical eqipment in their room but they enjoyed the graphitiing on the white wall nearly as much as myself. I really felt like in minority report – except that i was not hunted by dark criminals but seven year lod monsters.

Has the quality of lecturing improved now? Have my children learned more german? To be honest i am not totally sure since i might have played around too much and brought less attention to my students today. Anyway i see loads of potential and will be able to make my class so much more interactive and media rich. In the end really only one thing has changed: Now my computer is not any more in the back of the room but right up front. My children can reach it and not destroy anything. I can stand the whole time up front and talk to them face to face while showing and creating media content for them. As soon as i have found out how to make make it work in the most effective way both parties are still gonna love it like crazy and learn more german.

Technology forever!

February 16, 2011

In case ..

.. you are a friend, in helsinki, and want to bring this night into the next day ..

February 15, 2011

Finish Trains

Gosh its cold these days – yetserday it has been -30°C in Savonnllinna – The train looked accoring to that. On the upside i have to note, that the finish trains are still driving if its that cold (stark contrast to german trains) – its just a little slippery ..

Found in the train from Savonnlinna to Helsinki last night ..

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February 15, 2011

Nokia Plan A

Since one week my new home countr of Finland has lost most of his Sisu (Sisu=Pride in finish). Loads of mourners have allready paid their last respect to my beloved Nokia. The following sketch form puts it in a nutshell!

Bye Bye honey!


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February 10, 2011

Hanse Ski

Yesterday i finally went downhill skiing for the first time in Finland. After having crossed a couple of kilometers on cross country skies i have been happily throwing myself down the small hills of messila. Next to the bis ski jumps of lahti we had a great day with loads of wind and two busses full of aracada students. The lack of slope was compensated by the liters of minttu with chocolate and you could nearly forgot the cold. Thanks to Hanse and everybody else around.

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