Addict A Ball

What a the perfect adjectives for a birtday present? What about:

Fascinating// Must have// Catchy// Playfull// Colorfull// ..

And guess what – Katha has just found a gift with all of these adjectives (for me :-)). Last week i fetched some packages from the post office that were send to me for my birthday and one of them came with a small colorful surprise inside. Apparently Katha has payed close attention to me in her appartment back in december. And somewhere in my 4 hour lasting playing with her toy she decided to give me one for my birthday as well. I really can’t hug a person that is 2000 km away but i hope that she feels me jumping in the air out of pure joy 🙂 Thanks for the best friend and present in the world!

Thanks as well to one of the best room mates and modells in the world: Enrico!


2 Comments to “Addict A Ball”

  1. 🙂 I’m glad to read u are that happy- that makes me smile! And concerning the hug – I can wait until u come back to Germany. Have fun!

  2. ooooh max, I can’t wait for you to come back so I can play with your ball 😀

    -and no, that’s not dirrrty!

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