Alexander Stubb on German Radio

Just a quick note on one of the politicians that have fascinated me the most in the past year. Alexander Stubb, Foreign Minister of Finland, had a short apperance this morning on my favourite german radio station. Not only can he speak english (in contrast to our own FM – see my story from last year) but he can also speak german. Thumbs up for using a bit rusty but respectful german language on Deutschland Radio Kultur.

Alexander Stubb bei Deutschland Radio Kultur


4 Comments to “Alexander Stubb on German Radio”

  1. What can’t this guy do? He speaks perfectly Swedish, Finnish, English and French (I think), he has a wife and two kids, he has been like really good at golf (and other sports) and he is a great FM. It’s so unfair that some ppl are just good at everything 🙂

  2. don’t forget the ironman triathalon that he ran and a very tempting likelyness – can you borrow him for some time to us? we really have a lack of capable politicians in germany right now … 😦 In exchange i can offer you a very likeable but totally incapable minister of defence that we just fired recently.. deal?

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