Snow Cave

Two days ago i posted a little status message:

Just going to sleep .. in a snow cave by the lake in Majstranden – after all its cosy -1°C in Helsinki

Next day quite a lot of people asked me what that was about. Once I told them that their was nothing more to that status than allready expressed, people started to look at me weirdly. Suspecting some kind of finish drunkenness, they turned away in disbelief. Finish madness would have been more like it. My friend christian told me a couple of nights before that day about his adventure in a snow cave. Not able to resist I talked him into doing it again. Grabing our cross country skies, joakims isolation mattress and a proper amount of Sisu we went out to the Majstranden bay in order to resist the finish cold. Still did not understand what all of this is about? Well, just take a look ..

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Oh yeah – and i really could not resist to waste another five minutes with one of the hillarious iMovie ’11 themes ..

Full disclosure: Man, I really did feel comportable in my cosy and warm bed the next night ..

One Comment to “Snow Cave”

  1. yeaah, hört sich super an. wir hatten ja letzte woche auch ne 2m höhle gebuddelt, allerdings um “lawine” zu spielen 🙂
    ich stelle mir das aber richtig schön kuschlig vor.

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