What am I good at?

Don’t worry – i have not fallen into a self destructive and questioning time of life. Much rather i want to share a story about me and my children. This wednesday i had to say good bye to my children of my fifth class. I have taught them german for almost half a year now. I know from parents, students and teachers that my classes were a big difference to what they usually do. They did not want me to leave but i promised them one last game as a treat.

The task was really easy: What am i studying? The kids had about twenty minutes to guess my real study subject. Remember – they only knew me as the weird german who can’t speak finish and refuses to speak english.

So the guesses came in: Photographer, Musician, Actor, Videomaker, Teacher, … somewhere in the end a girl in the last row guessed the right answer. I am studying to be a mechanical engineer. The first things they assumed were all things related to class activities that i have done with them. None of them thought about my real proffesion. It was a great exercise for their vocabulary. The students and me had a great time laughing out loud. Saying good bye is easier when you are in a good mood.

A couple of days later that small episode got me thinking. Is it bad that they did not guess my true study passion? Am i studying the wrong thing? Should i be a Photographer, Musician, Actor, Videomaker, even a teacher?


I think that i am good at what i do and do it with a passion. I explore life! Half a year of Finland has taught me to seek my manyfold dreams. I am good at going into every aspect of life. Maybe not as deep as others, but i truly believe in finding out as many things and experience the most i can get. I am a passionate engineer whose view is broad enough to connect his skill with everyday life?

I can live this eventful and multicolored life because i have parents that never questioned my desire to do things out of the ordinary and encourage me to take detours in my paths. I want to thank them for their ongoing mental and financial support! I could not have taught children, go to Finland or travel half the world without a strong circle of people who really do care for me! Thank you so much! Before i get to sentimental – lets close it for today and meet with all of my finish friends one last time.


2 Comments to “What am I good at?”

  1. Nicely written. Really.

    • Thanks for the compliment – i have been actually quite depressed when i read your long articles all the time and asked myself if i would be able to ever to a post not circling around photographs. Once this story circled around in my head the last week i just had to put it down. Thanks for the inspiration..

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