Good Bye

No word to express my emptiness – I have lost too many friends today, at least it feels exactly like that – i hope that some kind of meaning will come back soon. It is nice to feel appreciated but to realize what one leaves behind is just pain.

Leaving my room today i found a lot of old memories, that have reminded me of the last 8 months – What they have been for me and what was important. A lot of you have dropped by and shared our joined memories. Even though it has not been a produtive packing it was a proper way to review these last ten month. If you did not have enough of these anecdotes I invite you to click my category cloud on the left. Choosing words like Finnland, Erasmus Helsinki, Helsinki, Hyvää Suomi and Teaching should give you a small insight into my diverse life in the northern hemisphere

Thank you for a wonderful playground and exceptional playmates! Be proud of your country and the treasures it holds. I am gonna have to say it one last time: Hyvää Suomi!

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