Tipaton Huhtikuu!

Is the finish word for: “I have really drunk too much over the last eight month in my great home of Finland and really need a break from Erasmus life. That is why I will show an enormous amount of newly acquired Sisu and will not drink in the current month of April – If you see me doing that anyway feel free to beat me up or congratulate me that I have come to senses. Weigh your options wisely.”

Full disclosure: Usually fins enjoy this tradition only in the month of January – hence the original name “Tipaton tammikuu“.


3 Comments to “Tipaton Huhtikuu!”

  1. Haha good for you Max! How’s it going, 11 days into the month?? 😉 And how are you??

    • well, it is actually going quite well – i have not drunken anything (alcoholic!) – i am feeling fine (even though not really finish) – and the weather here is brilliant – how are you? how are your travells around the world doing?

      • I’m proud of you Max! Heard about the great weather there.. quite jealous with only +5 and cloudy here in Helsinki ;p My travels are going good – came home from Spain on Sunday and had an awesome time over there! Only a month til Seoul and hopefully I’ll soon know where I’m gonna spend my summer 🙂

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