Smart Grids

Today in the morning I gave a presentation about Smart Grids for my class Renewable Energies. The fifteen minute long introduction wanted to give a basic knowledge of what the electric energy grids of our future might look like. Core idea of our presentation (It is actually the core idea of Smart Grids) has been to point out the lack of a price tag to current energy production. Consumers currently get Energy out of the system whenever and wherever they want. This principle of modern civilisation is in jeopardy if you think about how difficult it can be to hold up to that promise.

Renewable sources of energy are a societies demand, but won’t supply us with a steady flow of energy. Practical electrical storage is still nowhere near to be realised. How can we use new sources of energy and still enjoy a use of electric energy without blackouts?

In the end it all comes down to one change: The consumer has to behave as the energy supply is telling him to do. We can’t afford to get the power when we want it, but rather have to act on the times that the natural supply is rewarding us with the treasured good. Since we all do not want to fall back in the times when you could only mill your grain when the wind was blowing we have to think of new ways to distribute, label and price energy. Smart Grids are one of the answers.

If you want to find out more about this Topic I advise you to click-through the following links.

View my Prezi Presentation. This is an interactive map that you can go along, zoom in and out. We used it to cover the all topics of our presentation: Introduction, Theoretical Ideas and practical implementation. Prezi is a strong competitor to Microsoft Powerpoint and uses Mind maps instead of Slides to great great looking and very interactive presentations.

Visit the Web Page of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and view animations and practical implementations of Smart Grids in Germany. Right now there are six regions undergoing testing this new field. English Version!


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