Trying to learn Chinese

.. and just had my first lecture today. After four hours of strange sounds, images of lines and numerous failures of my tongue and fingers I am really exhausted. A year ago I have started to learn Finish and really believed that I would learn the weirdest language in the world – Chinese has proven me wrong today. But good news are on the way: I have found a language tandem partner! A glimmer of hope is on the horizon.


4 Comments to “Trying to learn Chinese”

  1. That is for sure one crazy language! Funny though.. I’m one of those people that wanna learn all the languages. But Chinese has never interested me. No Asian language whatsoever. =/

    • well, i would not necessarily say that I want to learn chinese – its more the fact that i really have to take on that challenge – well, its gonna be great – I just have to believe it 🙂

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