My Iitalla Vase

When fins leave their little country in the north they are still easily spotted. Know the signs and you know who they are. Next to the more obvious things (pale skin, happiness once they see central european alcohol prices and a lack of interest for communication), there are more subtle hints as well. Fins love to buy stuff from home (not China!). On a standard plane from Helsinki to Munich you’ll spot at least a dozen Marimekko bags filled with Salmiakki bottles. At home they refuse to drink from anything but Arabia cups, and sit on Artek chairs. Of course their plates have to come from Iitalla, and when they ..

You’ll get the point. Maybe really the only thing that comes from Finland and leaves some scepticism with the Fins is nowadays Nokia, but that’s really another story.

Being a weird hybrid Fin myself by now, I had to adapt this proud habit as well. Anyhow I am not sure if the use of my vase is as intended by Alvar Aalto .. Can any Fin answer me if this is still finish or rather weird?

Kiitos to Sirpä for this wonderful good-bye gift!


One Comment to “My Iitalla Vase”

  1. No it’s perfect, you can keep whatever in those Iittala vases 🙂

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