HM Kino Panorama

Ok, I know that some people already think, that I spend too few time behind the camera and too much in front of my computer. But truth be told, I actually do not like to spend time in front of the computer. I hate it! The only reason I use Photoshop is to create pictures that a camera can not capture and visualize the ideas that are already in my head – to create the physically impossible. One of those things is panoramic pictures – My new fascination. Last night I worked on a picture for Christopher and his student movie theater at my university. Having a pretty good knowledge of what I wanted to shoot I was really happy with the results I received today. This is not really photography any more, but for sure fascinating. Do you have other Ideas for good panorama pictures. What project should I take on next? Ah well – let’s go back to my engineering CAD construction for right now 🙂

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