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June 30, 2011

Life is good

Great day job, great hobby – every once in a while I get the chance to combine them – Ok I’ll promise to go to bed now for real – it’s just that too much is happening at once, you know ..

June 30, 2011

This is a good day

Today we finished our three months university project of developing, designing and actually producing a shower head. This project has kept me very busy over the past couple of weeks but I am quite proud about the result, that we were able to deliver today. It feels very good to have worked in a team with a very diverse set of abilities and ideas of working. This at times troublesome constellation made the group work and resulting product as special as it is. I am not sure if this is the best shower head in the world, but by sure one of the best teams I have worked on. Thanks to Truma, my university and my amazing team mates!

Good night everybody!

June 26, 2011

15 Years of RMCB

Going to Berlin for the weekend has been for multiple reasons this time:

  • Needing rest and silence to study
  • Wanting to see my family and friends
  • Being on a Photographie Job

Yes, you have heard right – after shooting for a number of years just for fun and self procrastination the past few months have changed that attitude a little. Evolving myself being in Finland has brought me to a new mindset as a photographer. I am very happy that nowadays friends and strangers confront me with their own ideas first. Evolving them into real pictures has been a challenge and pleasure alike. This week my good friend Katha invited me to shoot the 15 year anniversary of her Rythm and Melody Concertband. Spending three days with musicians of all age groups has been a wonderful time and learning experience alike. Thank you for a job that really just felt like pleasure!

June 25, 2011

News of the day

Easter is so over, baby!

Picture taken today in the Berlin Zoo while being on a job with the RMCB. More pictures soon.

June 23, 2011

iPhone 5 trolling

Dear Blog visitors,

in the past few days you have multiplied quite a lot. This is great and after all it is a sure sign that i am not alone in this world. Just the scale is wondering me a little. Around 60 of you go to this blog on usual days. This week around 4000 have gone here every day. Why is that? What has changed? It really made me curious and I set out to see why you are all here .. Something quite unexpected turned out to be the reason: My really stupid iPhone mock up article from January this year. Now – pleases feel free to enjoy the joke but i guess the 4047 people who came today from google with the search term iPhone 5 were not really in search of this. Just tell me – what do you do all day?

Happy Blog Trolling everybody!


P.S.: If you really want to enjoy the meta level of this post – watch the comment line – hilarious!

June 20, 2011

Berlin Trip – Retrosepective

As I just received a message I want to quote out of it:

“Everything good is delivered on the same day”

The Schwaiger wisdom corporation is right and thus I decided to spend the free time in Berlin to edit my media footage for this trip in bits and pieces right away in moments of free time. I am proud to announce that this strategy has worked out and this is most likely the fastest video and photo delivery I have ever accomplished. This video would not have been possible without the great camera of Bene, the pictures of Jonas, the work of Basti and our great exchange Student photographer Eduardo. Thanks to the whole I Club Team (specially to Martin and Lisa; sadly she could not join us) who have made my dream come true to take my international friends to my amazing home town!

June 19, 2011

Berlin – Third Day

I Just came home and next to bringing me up to date with my study projects I also found time to sort out the pictures of this morning. Being exhausted we just went to the east side gallery and admired the newly renovated berlin wall and the relaxed atmosphere at the Berlin Oststrand. Feeling tired hut happy that everything has been going well on this trip we were even rewarded with a little wonder: We left on time. For the first time on the whole trip we did hold up to a time – Respect to Argentina and Spain – I am totally perplexed – on that bomb shell: save week everybody.

June 18, 2011

Berlin – Second Day

The second day is allmost over and since I decided not to take my camera to the club tonight I call the best twelve pictures decided. Highlight of the day has been our tour to the german Bundestag which favoured us with an amazing sky and a great view over Berlin. Most of the day was spend by the students on their own free time – thus I can’t wait to hear their own stories and will head quickly to the bar now.

June 18, 2011


Every time that I visit my hometown I try to visit my Grandma for as long as possible. Knowing that she won’t be around all my life I try to get as much of her experience, stories and life as possible. As exchange I can offer her my life and all the pictures that she loves to watch. Today she complained that I never took a picture of her on her blacony. Well, I did grant that wish.. May their be many more of our coffee// history// present// future sessions!

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June 18, 2011

Berlin – First Day

The First day is over and to be honest it already feels like too much. Being home in my city is great – sharing your own culture and neighborhood a real treat, but to do this with 50 unique individuals at the same time is just mind-boggling.

Together with my dad we were guiding the whole bunch of them through what we call “our Berlin”. I would have never thought that it actually works out since our group was so big, but apparently a student’s attention span is much longer that usually expected. Thanks to all the participants and of the great walking tour yesterday night through the wonderful Kreuzberg.

Thanks to Wasti for the pics!