Berlin Trip – Retrosepective

As I just received a message I want to quote out of it:

“Everything good is delivered on the same day”

The Schwaiger wisdom corporation is right and thus I decided to spend the free time in Berlin to edit my media footage for this trip in bits and pieces right away in moments of free time. I am proud to announce that this strategy has worked out and this is most likely the fastest video and photo delivery I have ever accomplished. This video would not have been possible without the great camera of Bene, the pictures of Jonas, the work of Basti and our great exchange Student photographer Eduardo. Thanks to the whole I Club Team (specially to Martin and Lisa; sadly she could not join us) who have made my dream come true to take my international friends to my amazing home town!

2 Comments to “Berlin Trip – Retrosepective”

  1. What the ….. I just was joking in my post. This was unbelievable quick!!! I see you had a great time. Cool video!
    Ps: how many h/min of work roughly went into this?

  2. in bits and pieces i was able to pre cut everything right at the events (macbook power forever!) Final cutting in the bus took about 45 min. Just a quick note about the stats: roughly 3000 picures, 20 minutes of film material, 4 cameras, 4 photo/videographers, a hell lot of fun!

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