iPhone 5 trolling

Dear Blog visitors,

in the past few days you have multiplied quite a lot. This is great and after all it is a sure sign that i am not alone in this world. Just the scale is wondering me a little. Around 60 of you go to this blog on usual days. This week around 4000 have gone here every day. Why is that? What has changed? It really made me curious and I set out to see why you are all here .. Something quite unexpected turned out to be the reason: My really stupid iPhone mock up article from January this year. Now – pleases feel free to enjoy the joke but i guess the 4047 people who came today from google with the search term iPhone 5 were not really in search of this. Just tell me – what do you do all day?

Happy Blog Trolling everybody!


P.S.: If you really want to enjoy the meta level of this post – watch the comment line – hilarious!


2 Comments to “iPhone 5 trolling”

  1. Well, this stuff can happen if you open your blog to google & co…I like mine clean 😛 But great fun to see this on your side!

  2. the internet is a strange phenomenon. so are the hypes around apple products.

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