15 Years of RMCB

Going to Berlin for the weekend has been for multiple reasons this time:

  • Needing rest and silence to study
  • Wanting to see my family and friends
  • Being on a Photographie Job

Yes, you have heard right – after shooting for a number of years just for fun and self procrastination the past few months have changed that attitude a little. Evolving myself being in Finland has brought me to a new mindset as a photographer. I am very happy that nowadays friends and strangers confront me with their own ideas first. Evolving them into real pictures has been a challenge and pleasure alike. This week my good friend Katha invited me to shoot the 15 year anniversary of her Rythm and Melody Concertband. Spending three days with musicians of all age groups has been a wonderful time and learning experience alike. Thank you for a job that really just felt like pleasure!

2 Comments to “15 Years of RMCB”

  1. Thank you for all the wonderful pictures – I’m happy to read that these past days have been a win win situation for you and for us ! Go on taking pictures like these and you’ll be our photographer in 2015 too 🙂

    • thanks for the praise – i try to keep it on rolling – just promise me to keep on playing that music at least as long as i can press my shutter 🙂

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