My exam time is going along busy but next to that I am also preparing my trip to China – Ok, I admit it – this picture might not be the most useful contribution to the whole trip ..


4 Comments to “China”

  1. Hahaha, you’re killing me 😀 Anyway, enjoy your trip. Must be interesting to go there!

    • Thanks for the well wishes – I’ll make sure to keep you all up to date – and promise to come back evetnually – how is finland – are you enjoying the summer (its kind of hard to read this from your blog :-() Enjoy your life!

  2. Yeah, life in Finland is quite ok. Summer has been really nice, once again (more summers like this!). I’m mostly working, but soon I’m on real vacation. When are you heading to China and for how long? 🙂

    • oh – i am heading to the east august 10th – have to move all my stuff to berlin first though – i will stay until mid march – depending on if i get the factory running or not 🙂 – but for real, i think I’ll enjoy my time and have time to travell next to working as well – where are you heading? what are your holiday plans?

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