My very first, very own (partly), ..


Yes, some of you have already seen my episodes from Finland (Hyvää Suomi 1-10) which I sluggishly called Podcast. But to be true the series wasn’t really one. It was a collection of wonderful stories of which I am very fond. Nevertheless I never lost the feeling that something was missing. Usually those stories came out very much after everything happened and left out a lot of little details. Production was to time consuming to do more of them. You really do not want to sit in front of the computer the whole day, when you are in another country!

And now I am wiser? Well, I am trying!

Together with Bene we will conquer the problem of forgotten videos, photos and thoughts to share. Since we will call us around the globe regularly and privately anyway we just decided to record what we tell the other one. Its easy right? Not really – In reality we decided to do some weird recording setup which includes:

  • 2 SLR camera
  • 2 Laptops
  • 2 Headsets
  • 2 webcams
  • 2 Virtual cameras
  • ..

Well, you’ll get the idea. The first episode was a test to prove that we can actually do this technically. We are sure that this is the case. Can we do this intellectually – well, that’s up for you to decide.

How do you like our way of sharing our thoughts? Should we change something? What did you like especially? How often should we do this? How long should it be? Should it be audio only, or should we stick with video? Please feel free to post your comments under this article or directly to the video on Vimeo.

The first episode talks about this podcast, our preparations in Munich for China and New Zealand, loads of clothing, chinese language skills, and a very special blue shirt. Interested – go ahead and check it out!


4 Comments to “My very first, very own (partly), ..”

  1. You two — you’re really crazy & medialized, but I like it 🙂
    But still I’m not sure if you’ll really have the time and energy to keep this pod cast alive regularly … we’ll see.
    I liked the different camera perspectives for max and Bene and of course seeing the latter undressing 😀 But what happened to the sound of max’ voice? I kind a heard him twice, this has to be improved I think. I also liked the screen shots (e.g. dropbox) and of course the entire idea of sharing your experiences abroad with us! So keep on sharing – and undressing !

    • yeah – time and energy – thats really the question – isn’t it? Even though the technical set up looks complicated we actually automated everything – the difficulty is now just the internet connection and processing power of our computers. The voice? That was actually a technical difficulty that went wrong the first time – but we got that figured out – should be ok next time. Undressing? well – i’ll suggest you post this comment once again to benes wall – you might be successfull right?!

  2. ihr seid doch verrückt… ich mag das intro und hoffe, das “undressing” wird zum regelmäßigen teil des podcasts 🙂 ansonsten finde ich das video-format auch gut, also wenns nach mir geht, könnt ihr das so beibehalten.
    beste grüße

    • oh das ist gut, dass du das intro magst – mir war es nämlich eigentlich schon ein bisschen zu lang, aber dann scheint es ja zu passen. Dann geben wir mal unser bestes das kleine Projekt aufrecht zu erhalten.

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