Mmm – guess I will be working for real in China ..

Current “view” from my balcony.

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5 Comments to “Preparations”

  1. Nice pic! 🙂 How are you Max? It’s been a loong time since Finland.. Everything going well with the China preparations? I just moved to another destination in Bulgaria. It’s a small village with just a hotel and a beach, so I guess it’s gonna get real quiet in the evening compared to Sunny Beach.. After 4 weeks home, and then to Munich and South Africa! Hope all is well with you! x

    • I am fine, thanks – after some busy months I used the last days to catch some breath before my trip to China – Berlin has been less exciting but relaxing, which was good for a change – Its good to hear about your life in Bulgaria, you seem to enjoy yourself quite a bit. I wish you all the best for Munich! – Keep up the good exchange student work!

  2. Wie viele Hemden nimmst du denn mit? Lass sie dir doch lieber schneidern 😛

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